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Dry weather ahead with mid-20s temperatures forecast for next week

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There’s set to be plenty of good weather over the coming days.
MET ÉIREANN IS predicting a period of mostly dry weather for the coming days before the mercury potentially hits the mid-20s next week. There’s set to be a good deal of dry weather over the coming days but it will be cloudy with some rain at times, especially in the northwest.
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The national forecaster says today will be mainly dry with a fair amount of cloud and some sunny breaks.

The best of the weather will be in the east and southeast while a few spots of drizzle are possible in the west and north. Highest temperatures are set to range between 16 and 21 degrees.

Tomorrow will be brighter with some sunny intervals and highest temperatures will range from 17 degrees in the west and north, to 23 degrees in the south and southeast.

It’s set to be mostly dry again on Friday but the northwest is forecast to receive some light rain.


Clouds are set to cover much of the country but sunshine is set to break through later in the day, particularly in southern areas. Highest temperatures are predicted to range from 17 to 23 degrees.

The weekend is also set to be largely dry with a mix of cloud and sunny periods. Highest temperatures are set to range from 19 to 24 degrees.

Looking to next week the meteorological service says there will be a lot of dry weather with temperatures in the low, possibly mid, 20s. It will be somewhat cooler in western and northwestern parts.


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